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GIS Professional

Main Author: PV Publications Ltd
Description: GISPro is the leading journal for senior professionals and managers developing and using geographical information systems. GiSPro is the journal for professionals. Whether users, managers, developers, consultants, data collectors, sensor and system developers or academics and researchers, GiSPro is aimed at all those who work in the broad field of spatial data application, management, interrogation, collection and processing. GISPro has news, opinions, feature articles, case studies and standard contributions - Adena's from the USA and Eurofile. GISPro is distribute to all members of the Association for Geographic Information in the UK and other countries. GISPro is always looking for feature articles or case studies
Keywords: GIS, geospatial, geography, mapping, cartography, addressing, geocoding, remote sensing, UAV, UAS, location, location intelligence, demographics, geographic information.
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Added on: 02/04/2014
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GISPro is available on-line for approx 2 months depending on the date of publication of the next issue. Also delivered as hard copy approx 1 week after web version is uploaded.
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