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R3 TREES, management of green areas

Main Author: R3 GIS Srl
Description: With R3 TREES you can manage all information about public greens and their objects (stock of trees, lawn areas, street furniture, pavements, hedges etc.) and register and programme their maintenance and care (whether lawn cutting jobs, pruning trees, pest control or fertilisation). Technical inspections on trees can be registered as well. R3 TREES is especially popular with municipal administrations because this solution optimises all processes of organisation and decision making in connection with the administration and because it offers a guaranteed detailed and uptodate database comprising all objects of public greens. Different levels of access permission can be set according to the user’s position and function. R3 TREES is capable of supplying you with a snapshot of the inventory of your public greens.
Keywords: Urban green areas, tree database, maintenance, webgis, city management
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Added on: 19/06/2013
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