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Main Author: National Forest Centre
Description: The National Forest Centre (NFC) is the administrator of the national Forestry Information System. To facilitate streamlining and integration of a number of various specialised software solutions and applications the NFC specialists have developed the "Forestry GIS" - LGIS This comprehensive and robust system is built on the principles of "Enterprise GIS" allowing expansion of functionalities and services based on future requirements. At present, the system is used both by the NFC itself and state administration and as fully functional information system it also comprises web-GIS applications for multiple users in research, science, business, decision-making and public. The basic source of the system data are data from the Forest Management Plans which including a large number of alphanumeric and geospatial data with a direct or indirect reference to a specific location or geographical area. Other important additional data are data from particular Forestry GIS subsystems such as the Forest Record. In addition, the system also incorporates data from specialised registers on land owner associations, various forestry and forest managing subjects, certified forest managers, recorded minor offences in forests, and data from selected layers and records of the Cadastre of the Slovak Republic, thematic forest-related layers and other data provided by other sectors and institutions. The solution is based on ArcGIS Server 10.2 and MS SQL 2012 + ArcSDE 10. The web-GIS solution consists of multi-tier application with service-oriented architecture (SOA) using the WCF RIA Services and ArcGIS Server. The services are stateless and described using WSDL whilst communication is ensured through SOAP and REST. The Forestry GIS allows the retrieval and display of data using attribute and/or spatial query, print of reports and data filtering. Furthermore, it facilitates online creation and management of central forest-related registers and the Forest Record. Through the web application it provides users with advanced GIS functionality and analyses, geoprocessing services, options for import and conversion of coordinates of points and export of map compositions. The system is in the Slovak language and map client displays data in a coordinate system S-JTSK (EPSG: 5514).
Keywords: forestry GIS, web-GIS, forest geodatabases, state administration
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Added on: 27/02/2014
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