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Information System of Environmental Burdens in Slovakia

Main Author: Slovenskà Agentùra zivotnèho Prostredia
Co-Authors: Water Research Institute
Watermanagement Construction, s.e.
State Geological Institute of Dionýz Štúr
State Nature Conservancy of the Slovak Republic
Soil Science and Conservation Research Institute
Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Authority of Slovak Republic
Description: Information System of Environmental Burden (ISEB) represents the basic and official data platform of environmental burdens in Slovakia. The Register of Environmental Burdens as an essential part of ISEB allow to search information on environmental burdens in the form of location (geospatial), non-location (fully descriptive) information and provide this information as official reports.
The process of system integration of the ISEB with other content relevant public registers or location and non-location application launched in 2010 by processing of the feasibility study. From 80 applications managed by 16 public administration bodies 20 environmental databases and registers has been reviewed in this feasibility study. Thirteen of them have been approved. As a result of mentioned feasibility study Slovak Environment Agency launched the process of contracting technical works for integrating location and non-location registers (databases) administrated by different public organization with ISEB. Registers could be divided to these groups:
Systems monitoring quality of environment
  • Integrated Monitoring of Pollution Sources (groundwater chemical status evaluation within the point pollution sources - industrial areas, wasting sites, contaminated sites…)
  • Partial Monitoring System - Anthropogenic sediments character of old environmental burdens
  • Partial Monitoring System - Soils (Monitoring of Soil in the Slovak Republic)
  • Professional Technical and Safety Supervision over the Dams and other Water Construction in Slovakia

Systems mapping protected sites
  • National List of Specially Protected Areas and Trees (according to national Act No. 543/2002 Coll on Nature and Landscape Protection)
  • Database of protected territories of EU Member States - Natura 2000 (according to Council Directive 79/409/EEC of 2 April 1979 on the conservation of wild birds and Council Directive 92/43/EHS o on the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora)
  • Register of Ramsar wetland sites, UNESCO sites and Biosphere Reserves

Cadastral registers
  • Vector Cadastral Map

Other systems with high national legislative support.
  • Register of Landfill Sites
  • Geofond Digital Library (bibliographical data from 80 000 final geological reports (issued from 1960), 2000 scanned final geological report (PDF and OCR) files (issued since 2004))
  • Information System for Preventing of Major Industrial Accidents
  • Information System for the Mining Waste Management
Keywords: contaminated site, environmental burden
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Added on: 26/02/2014
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Geospatial Activities
Presenting, producing and distributing geodata
INSPIRE and SDI Related Activities
Protected sites
Environmental monitoring facilities
Production and industrial facilities
Area management/restriction/regulation zones and reporting units
Protected sites
Environmental monitoring facilities
Production and industrial facilities
Area management/restriction/regulation zones and reporting units
Phases of an SDI
Architecture Reference Model Services
Communication Services
Implementation Types
Acronym Title Type Link Description
National Act No.409/2011 Coll Act No.409/2011 Coll. on certain measures in relation to environmental burdens and on the amendment of certain acts Legislation defines the position of the ISEB in processes which are determined during the identification of a environmental burden, in processes connected with the performance of duties of an originator and obliged person, and in processes resulting from the jurisdiction of defined state administration bodies in the field of environmental burdens
Systematic identification of EBs in SR Systematic Identification of Environmental Burdens in the Slovak Republic (2006-2008) Project realized by the Slovak Environment Agency (SEA) during the years 2006 - 2008 under the guaranty of the Ministry of Environment of the SR (MoE SR), started the systematic identification of the environmental burdens (EBs) in order to gather the complex information on status of the Slovak territory from the point of existing EBs that could present significant risk on human health and ecosystems and to prepare the platform for removal of EBs in Slovakia. Works were also oriented on registration of EBs where remediation and land reclamation or rehabilitation was already performed.
The State Remediation Programme of EBs The State Remediation Programme of Environmental Burdens (2010 - 2015) Strategy represents the basic strategic document for management of environmental burdens in Slovakia, which determines the tasks to gradually reduce the negative impacts of environmental burdens on human health and the environment. The programme is in full compliance with Water Plan of the Slovak Republic.
The Upgrade of ISEB The Upgrade of the Information System of Environmental Burdens and its Integration with other Information Systems (2010 - 2014)) Project performed within the EU Operational Programme Environment 2007 - 2013, Priority axis 4: Waste Management, Area of action 4.4: Solution of Issue of Contaminated Sites Including Their Removal.
Standards Implemented
Output Types
Name of Customer Customer Type
Citizens National
Geological Engineering Companies National
Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic National
Obliged person as a legal successor of the originator National
Originator of a contaminated site National
Regional Environmental Offices National
Slovak Environmental Inspectorate National
Practice Development Metadata
The SEA coordinated the project "Systematic Identification of Environmental Burdens in the Slovak Republic" in the cooperation with own specialists, professional organizations (State Geological Institute of Dionyz Stur), state authorities (Regional environmental Offices, Slovak Environmental Inspectorate), self governments (Ministry of Environments…) as well as specialists from the private sector (geological engineering companies). Many public authorities have been involved in the process of system integration. These authorities were responsible for creation of standardized interfaces providing information directly from registers or databases: Water Research Institute, Watermanagement Construction, s.e., Soil Science and Conservation Research Institute, State Geological Institute of Dionýz Štúr, State Nature Conservancy of the Slovak Republic.
The Project “Systematic Identification of Environmental Burdens in the Slovak Republic” started in 2006 and finished in 2008 The project “Upgrade of Information System of Environmental Burdens ...” started in 2010 and finished in 2014. </li> </ol>
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