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E-Training tools for SMEs on investment readiness

Main Author: Paragon Europe
Description: The e-training material was created to improve awareness related to early stage investment and private equity investors. The course also helps to improve presentation of business to investors, increase chances to enter into contact with investors and to get early stage financing for business ideas. The e-training course is built in a Modular Structure. You can easily navigate between the different modules and broaden your knowledge by accessing from the slides directly links to other information sources and webpages. Once open the e-training site you will find yourself at the entry page of the course. By clicking on the different chapters the presentation of individual chapter will start. The courses are built in the form of Power Point presentations coupled with detailed explanations in the Notes section on the lefthand side, while an audio voice delivers the content to facilitate your following the training. Tutorials will be held periodically after the trial period, with one tutorial session each week in May. The schedule of tutorial hours will be announced under the e-training section of the website. During the tutorial sessions our experts will be at your disposal, answering queries related to topics of the e-training as well as to any other questions you might have as you prepare your project idea for presenting to potential investors.
Keywords: e-training, platform, tools, SMEs, investment
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Added on: 23/02/2014
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