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Main Author: R3 GIS Srl
Description: The Project aims to approach the recording , the analysis and the return of geographic information through the use of open data formats and Free Open Source Software. FreeGIS is an Interreg Italy-Swiss project financed by the Program of superregional cooperation Italy-Swiss 2007-2013 of the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and the European Union. It's a detailed study of the program Interreg Italy – Swiss CoCOS, which was consolidated by the South Tyrol Free Software Center ®.This center is located in the Digital Technology Area of TIS innovation park in Bolzano . The project is organized in 6 work packages. The first package is the organization of the project itself. The second wp deals with its management, the 3rd wp works in order to identify the characteristics of the development of multilingual capabilities of GIS software, the 4th wp has the aim to define a Reference Implementation composed exclusively by Free Software components; the 5th wp has the aim to to identify a FreeGIS Data Licence, which is appropriate for the community and national requirements, the last work package (wp 6) deals with the dissemination if the projects results. All actions are preceded by an analysis of the status quo and generate the publication of guidelines dealing especially with the Public Administration. Moreover, in order to have more control and a complete analyze of the outputs of the project an Advisory Board that meets regularly was set. The main aims of the projects are: • to create a Reference System • to identify a suitable Free GIS Data Licence • to identify protocols of Open Data Formats The project started on August 2, 2010 and ends on August 1, 2013
Keywords: Open source, inspire, ogc, data warehouse, SDI
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Geospatial Activities
Delivering GIS/SDI software (development, customization, etc)
Processing, editing, modelling, analyzing and managing geodata
Presenting, producing and distributing geodata
INSPIRE and SDI Related Activities
Spatial Data Services
Phases of an SDI
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EU Initiatives
Interreg Italy-Switzerland
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Open Source
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