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Stratification of waste dumps in Slovakia

Main Author: Slovenskà Agentùra zivotnèho Prostredia
Description: The Pilot project in Slovakia aims to implement specialized web based map application focused on Stratification of waste dumps in Slovakia allowing selected operations as visualization, overlay and integration of different information from different sources adapted to the specific needs of LC/LU data users. Application integrates harmonized European data sets relevant to land cover and land use ‘Themes’, national waste management data and national sources of spatial data intended for the additional functionalities and analyses as protected areas, geological maps, urban atlas and vector map of Slovakia. Pilot project was developed fully in line with the INSPIRE principles. Harmonized data sets are stored in geodatabase and are shared via WMS. Thanks to the application the end users will be provided by concrete value added services that will allow support objective decision making process in the framework of waste management. The web based map application is mapping existing, forbidden and closed landfills and proposed zones for the new landfills. Website dedicated to “Stratification of waste dumps”, with all relevant public/ non public information, in both Slovak and English language is freely accessible through the web at: Authentication and access to the pilot application is available at: The pilot is fully operational and at this stage of development allows following functionalities: visualization of the layers to different scales, layers overlay, feature identify and feature edit. Future development will bring the implementation of multitemporal analysis (spatial, availability and cost/benefit analysis) on the basis of key layers like population, waste production, LC/LU, DTM, hydrology and environment protection.
Keywords: land cover, land use, INSPIRE, waste dumps, harmonization, harmonized data sets,
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Added on: 18/02/2014
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