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Geographic Information System for heating companies

Main Author: CORA GEO, S.r.o.
Description: Due to our geographic information system to review the altimetric and planimetric and technical passports of all buildings and installations. This information may then be used, for instance by recording and planning revisions or registration and evaluation of disorders. Data from the system will also provide a suitable basis for the construction of expression and rozkopávkovým work and provide and opportunity to thoughtfully plan operating and investment activities . CG TGIS detailed maps and records information about objects within district heating ( heat lines tours , Flaps heat lines , later involvement shafts and heat exchange stations , Planned shutdowns , etc.). , Wiring and heat source . To the heat source categories include : Buildings , roads , water supply , sewerage, gas , pipelines , bridges , oil , Electron fire alarm , water production schemes and other necessary objects . The system supports and facilitates all operational dispatching activities and provides strategic and operational information to management. The entire system can be linked with other information systems already use ( process engineering , customer , financial , etc. . ) . Useful tool is the printing of a wide range of outputs .
Keywords: GIS; utilities; heating networks; integration; network analysis
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Added on: 18/02/2014
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Name of Customer Customer Type
Tepláreň Košice (TEKO) a.s., Košice Large Enterprise
Tepláreň Žilina, a.s. Large Enterprise
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