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Report on data quality evaluation

Main Author: Aerogeodezijos Institutas
Description: The following four steps methodology has been developed and applied: Step 1: a deep analysis of the following documents has been conducted: - the international standards EN ISO 19113, 19114, ISO/TS 19138, - the data quality issues covered by INSPIRE, - the NatureSDIplus Metadata profile, from which the data quality elements and subelements, together with the corresponding measures and their reporting have been extracted; Step 2: a set of guidelines enabling the quality evaluation of spatial datasets belonging to the four INSPIRE themes covered by NatureSDIplus (PS, BR, HB, SD) has been provided; Step 3: starting from the guidelines developed in step 2, they have been adapted in order to use the selected data quality elements and subelements to assess the quality of the NatureSDIplus harmonised vs. source datasets; Step 4: the guidelines adapted in the step 3 have been applied to a sample of NatureSDIplus harmonised datasets and the quality evaluation results have been presented. In particular, the selected data quality elements and subelements have been structured according to the EN ISO 19115 formalisms, enabling their future eventual encoding as metadata according to the CEN ISO/TS 19139.
Keywords: data quality
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Added on: 12/06/2013
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NatureSDIplus NatureSDIplus Project The NATURE-SDIplus Network focuses its activities and aims to the creation of a community of stakeholders, at European and National level, interested and involved in INSPIRE and SDI implementation for nature conservation issues, facilitating in this way their approach to the Directive and related guidelines and the exchange of opinions and experiences.
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