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Internet Application of Landscape Atlas of the Slovak Republic

Main Author: Slovenskà Agentùra zivotnèho Prostredia
Description: Landscape Atlas (LA) of the Slovak republic was developed in the frame of a governmental project supported by the Ministry of Environment. It consists of a book of 428 map compositions in nine chapters, GIS desktop version, and DVD film. It contains integrated information about the constants of landscape, the components of nature, and about land use. Internet application based on web map services allows a wide audience access to this complex information by internet browser. This online application of LA is a unique integration of GIS power, dynamic map publication system and Internet application.
Keywords: GIS, WMS, services, application, map compositions, data, public, web
Number of Views: 617
Added on: 13/02/2014
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Geospatial Activities
Presenting, producing and distributing geodata
INSPIRE and SDI Related Activities
Land use
Human health and safety
Environmental monitoring facilities
Production and industrial facilities
Agricultural and aquaculture facilities
Population distribution — demography
Natural risk zones
Atmospheric conditions
Bio-geographical regions
Administrative units
Habitats and biotopes
Transport networks
Species distribution
Protected sites
Energy resources
Land cover
Mineral resources
Statistical units
Network Services
Phases of an SDI
Standards Implemented
Output Types
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