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3D model s.r.o.

Main Author: Skeyemap
Description: Our company specializes in offering new type of services to our clients by promoting their business on Google maps. We specialize in registering new business records on Google Maps, creating modern floor plans so clients have no difficulties finding their desired destination, creating and displaying panoramas on Google Earth, creating thematic maps and interactive applications on GoogleEarthAPI platform, etc. This new form of promoting business on Google maps might bring enormous potential to our customers. By appearing on Google maps our customers can now be found by people from all around the world easier than ever before. In addition we help our clients to show their business in a new light by designing 3D simulations and this way put them ahead of their competition.
Keywords: GIS, GoogleMaps, GoogleEarth, GooglePlaces, panorama photo, 3D models, virtual tour, thematic interactive 3D map composition, virtual flights, realistic visualisation
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Added on: 13/02/2014
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Geospatial Activities
Processing, editing, modelling, analyzing and managing geodata
Presenting, producing and distributing geodata
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Štrbské Pleso Regional
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