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S-JTSK SRS definition in open source libraries

Main Author: Slovenskà Agentùra zivotnèho Prostredia
Co-Authors: Research Institute of Geodesy and Cartography in Bratislava
Description: SAZP has provided partners in slovak SDI community with definition of SJTSK / Krovak North East projected spatial reference system in format suitable for applying in widely used open-source GIS libraries GeoTools and Proj4 (used by many software e.g. Geoserver, QuantumGIS, uDig ...). Definition is derived from WKT definition originating from ESRI products widely adopted in many organisation accross slovak SDI community. ESRI's WKT definition of EPSG:102067 (it is just pseudo EPSG code established by ESRI, but widely spread and use in Slovakia and Czech republic) is pre se not working in mentioned open-source libraries because incompatibilities with standard WKT and different default orientation of projected plane. This work is also another step in popularizing GIS open source tools and software in slovak SDI and corresponds with partial mission of SAZP SDI unit.
Keywords: S-JTSK / Krovak, WKT, Proj4, Geotools, EPSG:102067, GIS libraries, open source
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Added on: 13/02/2014
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