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Maps caching and proxying - towards unified (harmonised) and performant WMS's and INSPIRE View services.

Main Author: Slovenskà Agentùra zivotnèho Prostredia
Description: Rendering maps is computationaly intensive process and therefore in heavy utilized environment providing online maps some kind of performance optimizing is highly needed. Mapproxy is software developed in Python with main objective to provide simple but full fledged tile cache solution. It supports different map sources e.g. WMS (most usefull and utilized), Mapserver (Mapproxy can directly communicate with Mapserver process) and Mapnik (map rendering engine used for producing OpenStreetMap tiles) on one hand and provides handfull service interfaces ( WMS, WMTS, TMS and OGC KML) on the other hand. Mapproxy is usefull not only in performance optimizing scenario but it can be used for partial harmonising (response of GetFeatureInfo and also styling of services can be harmonised to some extent without need to modifying original services) and proxying i.e. creating unified facade (uniform URLs structure) for services from different sources (potentially different organizations). Mapproxy is configured solely through config files with simple YAML format, it has no GUI for administering (maybe it will be in future). In SAZP setup Mapproxy as python WSGI application sits behind Apache web server utilizing mod_wsgi which proved us quite good scalability and stability. The need for well performant services is also articulated by INSPIRE legislation and Maproxy is one of possible answers to these demanding requirements regarding INSPIRE View services performance.
Keywords: WMS, view service, cache, map tiles, proxy
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Added on: 11/02/2014
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