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Providing map (view) and feature (download) services in slovak environmental resort

Main Author: Slovenskà Agentùra zivotnèho Prostredia
Description: SAZP was put in charge by MoE (Ministry of environment) to provide some organisations (those not capable doing it themselves for any reason e.g. technical incompetence, lack of resources etc.) from environmental resort with affordable solution for publishing network services specifically view services and feature services. Further requirement was that solution should be INSPIRE "capable" which practically means it should support at least WMS 1.3 and WFS 1.1 (better 2.0) with GML 3.2.1 plus some smaller INSPIRE related reqiurements (INSPIRE WMS and WFS Capabilities extension, multilanguage support etc.). We also needed to find solution which allows us to precisely manage priveleges to access and modify resources (services) per user and group basis. From user perspective principal requirement was simplicity and easyness to use (some environmental organisations lack sufficient technical background and knowledge). All mentioned requirements were met by Geoserver therefore we decided to employ solution with open-source Geoserver backed by open-source PostgreSQL/PostGIS database which perfectly fits in our existing environment. In addition to PostgreSQL/PostGIS Geoserver is capable to use many different spatial data sources: shapefiles, Oracle Spatial, ESRI ArcSDE, many different raster formats etc... The deciding feature of Geoserver was ability to create virtualy separated "workspaces" for individual organisations preventing interference in resource administration. From client organisation point of view, they've got separated Geoserver instance for usage with PostgreSQL/PostGIS database. From our solution provider and operator point of view no separated installation of Geoserver is needed, everything is managed from single instance which is far more comfortable and consumes less IT resources.
Keywords: map server, map publishing, features publishing, WMS, WFS, GML, Geoserver
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Added on: 11/02/2014
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