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MANTRA: How to turn Big Data into Smart Data

Main Author: ALTILIA S.r.l.
Description: MANTRA is the Smart Data Management Platform produced by ALTILIA. It allows organizations to access and manage Big Data coming from all available Web and enterprise sources to better drive business processes and make more informed decisions.
For the past few years, Big Data architectures have been the rage to give organizations the ability to access broader and more complex data sets with more flexibility. But simply managing the diversity and volumes of data - that need to be joined, consolidated and analyzed - is not enough. Businesses need Smart Data, which is Web and enterprise data with explicit semantics (e.g. semantic annotations and metadata, entities and objects extraction, natural language processing, taxonomies, ontologies, linked data) combined with implicit semantics (e.g. machine-learning, inference), to embed into applications to get smarter business insights.
MANTRA acquires, integrates, manages and analyzes structured and unstructured data spread into heterogeneous sources by a workflow-based approach that combines algorithms and semantic facilities able to transform information flow into relevant and usable data. The Platform enables to design and execute contextual processing workflows: set of APPs combined to automate data management processes, including Big Data acquisition from multiple, disparate heterogeneous information sources, normalization, transformation, integration, reporting and analytics.

MANTRA APPs provide:
  • Powerful data capture capabilities for documents and web sources. Data capture functionalities are grounded on advanced and semantic information extraction algorithms (ALTILIA’s core IP) that enable high-precision acquisition of unstructured Big Data available in: social media, on-line newspapers, blogs, forums, emails, web sites, e-commerce platforms, wikis, pastebins, RSS Feed; documents having different internal formats (e.g. doc, txt, …).
  • Advanced access facilities (Smart Connectors) to structured Big Data available in both enterprises and Internet information sources like: databases (e.g. Oracle, BD2, SQL Server, MySQL), legacy systems and applications, CRM/ERP systems (e.g. SAP, Sales Force), CMS, DMS, Open data sources.
  • Normalization capabilities grounded on the MANTRA Language that exploit semantic networks, NLP and spatial algorithms (ALTILIA’s core IP) that enable: to turn data contained in text into objects that can be stored in databases; to recognize complex concepts and entities contained in texts and documents in order to make semantic annotations and indexing; semantic integration based on concepts and entities (represented also by taxonomies and ontologies); sentiment/opinion extraction, semantic annotations, concepts and relation recognition and extraction.
  • Transformation, integration, alignment and matching functionalities that enable to manage Smart Data.
  • Advanced highly scalable analytical algorithms (e.g. collaborative filtering, clustering, classification, prediction) and search facilities (Elastic Search) for Big Data.
  • Simple Excel reporting and powerful multidimensional visual reporting facilities by tools that allow exploring Smart Data created and harnessed by MANTRA.

MANTRA can be used:
  • By an easy-to-use and intuitive API that simplifies developer’s work in embedding contextual processing workflows and Smart Data into end-user solutions and applications.
  • By a point-and-click GUI that enables business-users to visually and rapidly design and execute accurate and high-performance APPs workflows that acquire Big Data from heterogeneous Web and enterprise sources and turn Big Data into Smart Data.

MANTRA is offered as a Hybrid Platform as a Service by two different licensing models:
  • On-Premise, to install the whole Cloud Platform into the customer (virtual or physical) sever farm and to use it as a service or by the GUI.
  • Cloud-based license, to use the Platform from the ALTILIA’s public cloud in a pay per use mode.

MANTRA Smart Data Management Platform is targeted to all industries:
  • Finance & Banking
  • Media & Publishing
  • Retail & e-commerce
  • Telecommunication
  • Utilities
  • Market Analysis
  • Others…
for many different business solutions: market/competitive/price intelligence, financial intelligence and risk profiling, fraud detection, security, enterprise semantic search, sentiment analysis, content acquisition and management, etc.
Keywords: altilia, mantra, smart data, smartdata, smart data management platform, big data, semantic technologies, unstructured information management, text analytics, sentiment analysis, semantic etl, semantic master data management, business intelligence, ontologies, NoSQL, data capture, data harmonization and analytics
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Added on: 28/10/2013
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