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GetLOD: an open and reusable solution to publish geospatial data on the Web as Linked Open Data

Main Author: Planetek Italia S.r.l.
Description: GetLOD is an open and reusable solution that allows an organization to publish geospatial data on the Web in the form of Linked Open Data, in accordance with the standard RDF/XML. GetLOD thus ensures the publication of geospatial data as open data and linkable, starting from traditional geo-web services. Making geospatial data available in a Spatial Data Infrastructure as Open Data, GetLOD guarantees the use of data as Linked Open Data, and therefore their indexing on open data search engines and the integration with open data portals or with the Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network (CKAN), the catalog of datasets and free projects. Integrating it in standard mode to Geoportals, Open Data portals and Spatial Data Infrastructures based on the interoperability standards defined by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), GetLOD allows users to publish open geospatal data both in RDF format (Linked Open Data precisely) and in other non-linkable interchange formats (e.g. shapefiles and GML). The data concerning the publication as Linked Open Data are extracted in RDF format using the services OGC WFS (Web Feature Service), made available by the SDI.The geospatial metadata extraction in RDF format is instead carried out using the standard services catalog OGC-CSW (Catalog Service for the Web), with metadata that can be so associated with RDF (Linked Open Data) and the shapefile data. GetLOD arises from the need to maximize the geospatial data value that, made accessible in a compliant way with the standard formats of reference for open data and although published independently by different subjects, may be crossed freely by third parties. This innovative solution has been developed by Planetek Italia and Sinergis in the context of enhancement activities for the SDI of the Emilia-Romagna Region. It makes automatically available data and metadata managed by an SDI as Open Data and Linked Open Data, thereby facilitating the combination with other data and then their elaboration and analysis. Any software application, thanks to the open and standardized format, can thus allow users the access to these data and their reuse in creative ways exploiting, for their own goals, relationships (links) between heterogeneous information.
Keywords: Geoportal, SDI, Semantic Web, Linked Open Data, Open Source
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Added on: 08/08/2013
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