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smeSpire Database Implementing ISA CORE VOCABULARIES

Main Author: Fondazione Graphitech
Description: This Best Practice focuses on the contribution given by the smeSpire project to the ISA (Interoperability Solutions for European public Administrations”) Programme of the European Commission. The final objective of the ISA programme is to foster the efficient and effective cross-border electronic interactions between European public administrations, improving the semantic interoperability of European e-Government systems. It addresses these by encouraging the sharing and reuse of semantic assets. The ISA Programme intends to build consensus on a number of e-Government Core Vocabularies for public sector information exchange. In particular, the following three Core Vocabularies present concepts and terms that can be used to describe three things that are closely related: - People - Locations - Businesses The vocabulary for describing a person relates to the natural person, i.e. the individual as opposed to any role they may play in society or the relationships they have to other people, organisations and property; all of which contribute significantly to the broader concept of identity. In describing businesses, the working group focussed solely on legal entities, that is, trading bodies that are formally registered with the relevant authority and that appear in business registers. The broadest vocabulary is that for location which covers places, addresses, and geographical geometries. In the smeSpire project one of the most important component enabling networking among Geo-ICT SMEs is the smeSpire database, which offers the possibility to store all the information related to the members of the smeSpire network, visualize their public profile and perform advanced searches. In order to contribute to the above mentioned objectives of the ISA Programme, the three ISA Core Vocabularies have been entirely embedded into the data model of the smeSpire database, which contains additional elements necessary to implement the functionalities required by the 12 Use Cases analysed during the design phase. The functionality enabling any anonymous user to export in rdf the public profiles of the members of the smeSpire network opens the way to further exploitations.
Keywords: ISA Core Vocabularies, rdf, semantic interoperability, People, Locations, Businesses
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Added on: 02/06/2014
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