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Hydronline – hydrology in a “click”

Main Author: DeltaTech S.r.l.
Co-Authors: Ing. Pietro Morrone
Description: Deltatech offers a web-based on-line service called hydronline; using this service customers can easily elaborate hydrologic data to obtain the design rainfall curve, that will be used in subsequent hydrologic and hydraulic elaborations. The combined use of desktop applications and on-line services enables the customers to perform a complete hydrologic study of hydrographic basins. Geospatial information is the core of the hydronline on-line service. Hydrologic data series are based on recorded data in thousands of measurement stations, strongly related to the position of the stations. Deltatech owns the unique digital on-line complete database of historic hydrologic data series recorded by the Italian National Hydrologic Service for over 90 years (1.182.274 data recorded in 5.700 measurement stations). More than 400 users subscribed to the on-line service since November 2013. Hydronline – hydrology in a “click” :
Keywords: hydrology, data series, sensor data, environmental monitoring
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Added on: 28/05/2014
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