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Transport and street networks

Main Author: NEXGIS Technologies Ltd
Description: Hard infrastructure’s channels and transportation infrastructure’s facilities pertaining to the movement of vehicles and pedestrians are designed as street networks and facilities. The location of the hard infrastructure’s over and the underground street networks and facilities as well as all the relevant technical rules and regulations is regulated by the general and the detailed development plans. GISExplorer features a method for working with transportation, street networks and facilities which consists of: Spatial visualization of all transportation, street networks and facilities in the drawing; Storage, maintenance and revision of the documents containing all essential parameters; Providing additional documents (explanatory plans, imagery, scanned original documents, MS Office Documents, PDF files etc.), stored as appended to or as sub-documents of the main document; Linking one or more documents of all types to one or more graphics primitives; Search and thematic analysis based on all attribute types existing in the document; GISExplorer features the ability to create documents containing attributes for different types of transportation networks and facilities (railroad, tramway, trolleybus etc. ). Document’s structure is not fixed and thus the information can be revised and updated according to each network specific requirements;
Keywords: Transport and street networks
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Added on: 08/05/2014
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