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GISExplorer for support for cadastral management, urban-planning and specialized maps for Municipality

Main Author: NEXGIS Technologies Ltd
Description: -Cadastral map - graphic and semantical data visualization -3D visualization of spatial data -Thematic coloration and analyses are used for visualization. -Specialized data presentation in a 3D coordinate system. -Used for visualization of digital terrain models and apartment visualization. -Cadastral map - graphic and semantic data visualization -Specialized map mode for summarizing cadastral data. -Management classes (layers) -Export to custom data format -Tables and Attributes -GPS -Raster drawings alignment -Raster drawings visualization - Sections and buffers - Terrain profile -Plans and cadastral registers printing-Plans and cadastral registers printing via default templates to the needs of State and Municipal Administration. -Creating, updating and modifying plans and cadastral registers. -Thematic maps printing-Geospatial analysis on a partial selection of objects from the database, and on all available objects from the geographic database. -Specialized map mode for summarizing cadastral data -Specialized analysis colorations, visualization and printing of data tables or custom data. -Coordinate transformations -Specialized visualization of support grids -Tracing data -Regulations and building plans -Custom report generation (plans, documents, lists) -Support for data sheets and property ownership data -Source document database integration (notary deeds, archived property plans, construction permits, protocols, orders, prohibition forms, property imagery, building plans, etc.)
Keywords: Municipality, Cadastral map, regulations, bilding plans, coordinate transformations,
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Added on: 08/05/2014
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