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Agile and Open: Asset information visualisation for data rich organisations.

Main Author: Kemeling Consulting Limited
Description: Kemeling Consulting works with asset rich companies to unearth the potential in data. An example of this transformative process is our work with Scottish Water. For over 30 years, Scottish Water and its predecessors have invested extensively in licensed desktop GIS applications. These systems have served a useful purpose in the creation and manipulation of geospatial data and work well in the traditional business model, but struggle to address the changing requirement for sharing geospatial information on a platform that is universally accessible.
Keywords: asset rich, Kemeling, water industry, water, GIS, data visualisation, browser, web-mapping, MapGuide
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Added on: 02/05/2014
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Geospatial Activities
Delivering GIS/SDI software (development, customization, etc)
Advising, educating, researching, communicating about processes, use of geo-information products
Processing, editing, modelling, analyzing and managing geodata
Measuring, collecting and storing geodata
Presenting, producing and distributing geodata
INSPIRE and SDI Related Activities
Environmental monitoring facilities
Human health and safety
Utility and governmental services
Environmental monitoring facilities
Production and industrial facilities
Energy resources
Network Services
Data and Service Sharing
Phases of an SDI
Concept and Design
Architecture Reference Model Services
Communication Services
Output Types
Data Model
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