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Network Services for nature conservation

Main Author: Zymestic Solutions, S.r.o.
Co-Authors: State Nature Conservancy of Slovak Republic
Description: Fortunately, those times, when lack of data represented the main issue for decision makers, state administration bodies etc. are gone. The actual problem of current age is rather related to data sharing options – how to deliver data, which format, streaming or buffered and so on. In order to present answers to these questions, INSPIRE presents the concept of Network Services which do contribute to effective, upon-request and up-to-date data interchange. As a part of Complex informational and monitoring system of State Nature Conservancy of Slovak republic, a set of View and Download Network Services has been implemented on top of hybrid GIS solution (SQL Server spatial database feature classes published via GeoServer GIS server). These services provide map (WMS) and feature (WFS) access to harmonized spatial data sets of 6 themes (PS, AM, BR, HB, SD and EF) which can be further exploited in combination with other (non)spatial data. The internal structure of the harmonized datasets complies to respective app-schemas per theme.
Keywords: INSPIRE, Network Service, WMS, WFS, data harmonization
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Added on: 17/04/2014
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