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Territorial Business Intelligence to aid in decision making tasks

Main Author: Geographica
Description: This is the most complete solution in the field of spatial intelligence Geographica has to offer. A complete dashboard to assist corporate and government officers in critical decision making processes. It allows the online visualization and edition of spatial information, reporting, creation of indicators in real time, make hypothetical scenarios and comparisons of them, and perform evolutive studies. It's a centralized tool for geographica data management to aid in decission making in the investment, management, security, and facilities fields. Complete catalogue, geostatistical and data control center solution. Provides advanced report and geoindicators generation facilities, along with investment scenarios simulator. Aimed at easing the task of decision making for government officers.
Keywords: Bussines Intelligence, decision making process, data management, geostatistics, simulation
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Added on: 20/06/2013
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Geospatial Activities
Delivering GIS/SDI software (development, customization, etc)
Processing, editing, modelling, analyzing and managing geodata
Measuring, collecting and storing geodata
Presenting, producing and distributing geodata
INSPIRE and SDI Related Activities
Transport networks
Utility and governmental services
Geographical names
Administrative units
Transport networks
Utility and governmental services
Spatial Data Services
Monitoring and Reporting
SDI Reference Model Components
License Types and Description
Name of Customer Customer Type
Analysis Unit Director, Seville City Council Local
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