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Open Data and Open Source bring freedom and far more open business models to the noble task of map making

Main Author: SplashMaps
Co-Authors: Arnulf Christl, Metaspatial
Description: SplashMaps began at the end of 2012 to prove that good commercial business from compelling new products really is possible, even if you return to the old fashioned approach of printing maps! At SplashMaps we've been able to exploit this freedom to make maps that, to their very fibre, are properly designed around use in the REAL outdoors. The material they are on is a high performance breathable, weatherproof polyester. The content is stripped of unnecessary detail and presented in the clearest possible way. Because we use open data we are able to bring in extra data from voluntary (OSM mainly) and official (Mapping agency and Local Authority) sources to make a unique cartography specified to the end user. This all allows us, and now our customers, to tailor our mapping to some very specific uses. In this presentation we will; • Discuss the advances only possible via open source in Geo • Cover the need for certification of the skills needed in these developments • Discuss how the OpenStreetMap enables global expansion of compelling ideas • Discuss how the OSM allows us to tailor • Describe the background of an OSM and Open Source based business • Describe the future possibilities • Share the successes and the pitfalls we've experienced in a rapidly developing market sector.
Keywords: Cloth Maps, Fabric Maps, SplashMaps, Open Data, Open Source, Weatherproof Maps, Washable Maps
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Added on: 14/04/2014
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