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Geomatics World

Main Author: PV Publications Ltd
Description: Geomatics World is the leading journal for professional and technically qualified surveyors. GW is published under licence from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). All subscribers to GW automatically receive Engineering Surveying Showcase free of charge. Geomatics World is the journal of the Geomatics Faculty of the RICS Our readers are professional and technically qualified members of the RICS - the UK's qualifying institution for surveyors and professionals working in the geospatial and geoinformation fields - as well as other senior professionals and opinion formers in the industry. What's in the latest issue What the editor says about the March/April issue The wetter side of life Our March/April 2014 issue focuses on hydrographic topics: Fergal McGrath introduces INFOMAR, Ireland's detailed survey of its commercially valuable waters; Dr Mike Osborne and John Pepper of Oceanwise explain how they pioneered the re-engineering of the Admiralty Chart into digital data fit for GIS and Electronic Chart Display Systems; Richard Groom analyses the papers presented at the recent Digital Hydrography on the Maritime Web event; and don't miss Nigel Woof's vivid account of emergency mapping in The Philippines following super-typhoon Haiyan in GW's Digital Extras section. In addition to our regular columnists and industry news coverage, this issue also features reports from the 2014 RICS BIM conference, GeoForum Lecture and the International Consumer Electronics Show. Plus Han-Herbert Tuexsen describes the painstaking procedures used by Leica to calibrate their HDS scanners and Joël van Cranenbroeck answers this question - with so many off-the-shelf GNSS solutions is there still room for innovation?
Keywords: geomatics, surveying, GIS, data collection, GPS, GNSS, geospatial, mapping, land administration, cadastre, cadastral, BIM, hydrographic, laser scanning, total stations, UAV, UAS, geodetic, topographical,
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Geospatial Activities
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