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Engineering Surveying Showcase

Main Author: PV Publications Ltd
Description: Engineering Surveying Showcase goes to over 6,000 engineers, surveyors and other professionals working in construction and development. It is a unique window into the expertise and applications for the geospatial engineering. Traditionally used in the construction sector, the skills and technology today are finding an expanding range of applications. Now in its second decade of publication, Showcase's mission is: "To present to industry's customers, clients and employers the very latest developments and applications in technology and techniques." Past comparison tables and charts (Total Stations, Laser Scanners, GNSS Receivers, Software) are available to subscribers in our Online Showcase Archive, which includes the current and past issues of Showcase for subscribers to view. Showcase Online requires a password. If you are already a subscriber or an RICS member receiving Geomatics World, you can go to our archives and follow a simple login process. Showcase seeks to raise awareness of technologies and techniques amongst both surveyors and other professionals who are end users of engineering or geomatics surveyors services and their technologies. Don't miss our range of informative articles and case studies, "Fresh from the Market" pages on the latest industry product releases as well as the Technical Services Chart detailing our classified advertisers' key competencies and services. Delivering innovation to Network Rail Scanning land, sea and air Scan to BIM - the Beverly Center Shopping Mall, Los Angeles Capturing 3D highway infrastructure Making the unmappable mappable Chart: Laser Scanners Review GEO Business arrives - opportunities for geospatial sector Chart: Total Stations Review GNSS Receivers: Constellations lagging behind receivers
Keywords: surveying, geomatics, geospatial, GPS, GNSS, laser scanners, BIM,
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Added on: 06/04/2014
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Geospatial Activities
Advising, educating, researching, communicating about processes, use of geo-information products
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