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eSDINet plus -

Main Author: RSW Geomatics
Description: eSDI-NET+ targets users and brings together key stakeholders of European Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs) through a Thematic Network – a platform for communication and knowledge exchange at all levels, from local to global. Through the promotion of high-level decisions and technical discussion, the network helps to raise the awareness of the important role SDIs play in the efficient and effective acquisition, access, enrichment and reuse of geo information. In addition, eSDI-NET+ tackles the multicultural and multilingual barriers to exploiting, using and reusing spatial information. As a result, greater steps will be made towards interoperability through the expression of common standards between national digital collections and services, especially in cross-border contexts. RSW Geomatics was responsible for encouraging UK and Irish organisations to contribute Best Practices and for the Liverpool workshop in February 2009.
Keywords: spatial data infrastructure, SDI, regional, sub regional, geoinformation, spatial, cross-border, UK, Ireland
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Added on: 04/04/2014
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