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Development of Technical Guidance for the INSPIRE Transformation Service

Main Author: RSW Geomatics
Description: RSW Geomatics was the prime contractor and provided the project management and reporting elements of this contract to provide Technical Guidance for INSPIRE Transformation Services. These are vital to realise the vision of INSPIRE. It is unrealistic to expect the majority of spatial dataset providers to operate internally with INSPIRE compliant schemas and formats. Therefore, it is necessary to devise various transformations to ensure that ‘local’ datasets can be delivered in INSPIRE compliant form by their originators; by various ‘middlemen’ (e.g. data publishers); or by national or international geo-portals. This project created ‘Technical Guidance’; specifically for schema transformation which involves transforming the syntactics, semantics (meaning) of objects as well as their geometry, topology and natural language. The project was carried out over 8 months in 2009/10 for the Joint Research Centre's Institute for Environment and Sustainability. The deliverables were a Technical Guidance document in Engish; a prototype Schema Transformation Service, and a Video summarising the guidance and demonstrating the prototype in English, French and German.
Keywords: INSPIRE, transformation, project management, JRC, IES
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Added on: 04/04/2014
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